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While most of us may be under the impression that digital printing is fast replacing litho printing, it is still useful in many instances, especially at times when you need to place high volume orders.


What does litho printing use?

Litho printing in London

entails the use of wet inks alongside printing plates.

This differs a lot from digital printers that use only a xerographic toner process on press having the right technology terms.

It’s seen that digital printing is similar to litho printing while digital printing is suitable for shitter runs of lots, litho printing is meant for longer runs or long turnaround times.

Lith printing is suitable for very large corporate orders with the right colours of plates. Additionally, digital print cannot print letterheads on other kinds of materials that can’t pass through laser printers without the ink being melted.


Peculiarities of Litho Printing

  • Litho printing is also known as the four-colour process.
  • There are four printing plates with different colours-cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. These four colours combine in different proportions to give a range of colours or tones. 
  • We can also add additional plates for more spot colours (like metallic or fluorescent). 

This is why litho printing in London differs and is much more advanced than a common printing service.



Litho printing has historically been considered as one of the best methods of giving the best quality of print. With advancement digital printing is getting the same level of quality for smaller batches.

But, in the case of specific or pantone colours, a high level of accuracy and consistency is needed which only litho printing can accomplish.

When your project entails printing areas of large single solid colour, litho printing is the suitable method.

Moreover, the cost per copy is lower in the case of litho printing than digital printing in even orders of more than 2000.


What more can litho printing do?

Litho printing delivers the ultimate top quality results for producing high-quality marketing or sales literature.

In the printing trade, litho printing is the ultimate benchmark to meet the standards of other commercial printing.  This means, when using other techniques for printing it is checked how close the results are to litho printing. Though few digital print processes may come close to litho printing, ultimately they do not completely match the results of litho printing.


Litho printing for printing sealants and varnishes:

Litho printing is used to print sealants and varnishes for giving the printing outcomes a higher level of lustre.


Typically tones like matt, silk or gloss varnishes enhance the colour depth.

Printed machine sealants are instrumental in offering extra protection to fingerprinting.


This is greatly useful in the case of dark and saturated colours, which need to be printed on board stocks or coated paper.


Use of metallic and fluorescent inks:

The four-colour printing prices can be piqued and enhanced with additional or more colour plates as mentioned.  Plats with metallic or fluorescent ink will help in creating more attractive colour tones giving the million-dollar look to your 

  • Corporate stationery 
  • Packaging graphics
  • Printed brochures

The metallic tones are simply not possible with digital printing. Also, litho printing can be done in a wide variety of substrates.

Overall litho printing in London at The Knight Printing is so much more economical, versatile and highly useful for corporate printing with a difference.  


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Litho Printing Knight Printing


Also, the more you print, the cheaper it becomes, as the main cost is the set-up or the production of the printing plate. Usually Litho printing takes around 5-10 working days but depending on the project volume, complexity of the print finishing requirements,etc. turnaround time might vary.

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Litho Printing Knight Printing


Litho printing is commonly chosen over digital printing when large quantities of prints are needed. For example, catalogues, brochures or leaflets are usually made using lithographic printing, when you have higher volume to print and longer turnaround time.



Litho Printing Knight Printing


Our litho printing services can produce large quantities of quality prints at exceptionally quick rates and great prices. We offer high volume printing, finishing and best colour match for all our projects and we will always advise on the most cost-effective option for the client.

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We provide a full range of printing solutions, plus you can choose from a number of materials and finishes to enhance your finished product. Our dedicated team can advise you on what’s best for your project and with our design service we can look after the job from start to finish.

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