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Printing & Binding Services Knight Printing

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Printing & Binding Services Knight Printing

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Printing & Binding

Binding Services

We at The Knight Printing provide binding services in London for dissertations, essays, booklets, reports and much more. Binding is a great method for giving a professional as well as polished look to any of your documents. 

Once you have given us your reports or any kind of documentation for binding, then you can really relax as our professionals will be working effectively for doing a satisfactory job for you. 

Whether you require last-minute express binding or a wide range of binding selections, The Knight Printing has got it all and that even at very affordable prices as well. 

Binding Solutions

When we are done with the printing of your project, then we do the binding of your documents for improving the final look of your documents.  For binding, we have a wide variety of options available including

Staple Binding

The Knight Printing offers staple binding of your documents. Staple binding services in London introduces a very common bookbinding process in which folded sheets are collected together one inside the other and then are stapled through the fold line with wire staples. The staples reach within the folded crease from the outside and are clinched between the centre where there are most of the pages will be. In this procedure, 2 staples are commonly used, but there may be more staples you may need along the spine for larger books.

Spiral Bound

With our spiral-bound services, you will be able to bind large documents as well as longer page numbers, thus allowing you to create handbooks, manuals and planners. Spiral binding is the method of binding pages together with the help of a wire or plastic coil that is embedded into slots on the edge of paper pages. 

Hardcover Binding

Also known as hardback or casebound, hardcover binding is the most general type of bookbinding for hardbound books. This kind of binding is utilized for most types of hardcover books, for instance, reference books, yearbooks, children’s books, novels, coffee table books and so on. 

The books are organised by drawing collectively a section of papers which are then either section sewn, complete or lay flat bound into a hardcover with endpapers. At The Knight Printing, we are here to provide you with hardcover binding services at very affordable rates.

Perfect Bound/Softcover Binding

Soft binding is another general bookbinding selection, also known as a paperback, softcover or perfect binding, these are cheaper and easier to store and also softbound books are enclosed in a flexible paper cover and pasted into the cover. This is a perfect choice for the books that are going to be managed regularly such as business plans, programmes as well as brochures. 

If you want to have standard or custom sizes for all the services mentioned above and also want to have quality services, then you can rest assured that our quality work will take care of all your requirements.