Printing & Binding Services

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Printing & Binding

At The Knight Printing we offer exceptional printing & binding solutions that cater to all corporate and commercial needs. Our team have many years’ experience binding documents for huge number of corporate clients and clients from training and educational institutions across a range of business sectors.

From project reports/presentations, training manuals, AGM reports we can beautifully bound with metal wire binding, plastic coil, comb or tape binding.

Or if you want to have your document /report/presentations/manuals/brochures/booklets to have perfect bound/soft cover bound (like an actual book you get from a bookshop with card cover).

Or you can have saddle stitched/ folded and two stapled on the spine and bound as a booklet/brochure.

So, with all our options you can feel confident that we’re the printing team for you.

We would love to help and advice to get your perfect final output, just call us on 0207 043 9347 or email

Quality printing options

To begin with we will guide you through the paper types most suitable for your needs, ranging from the standard 80gsm through to 400gsm uncoated matte or coated gloss style papers. We also do high end papers from the likes of Conqueror or GF Smith and do mixed recycled or 100% recycled papers on demand. We pride ourselves on our great customer service so we will always advise the most cost effective solutions.

As with all our printing solutions we want to ensure that every print and binding project is of premium quality, and that our clients are happy with the end result. This is why we ask our clients to supply us with a high-resolution pdf file and to make sure all fonts are embedded. This will ensure the layout as well as the images you have on your document will reproduce exactly as you expect. If you’re uncertain of your file type or your project is in a different format please get in touch so we can discuss your options.

Binding Solutions

Once your project is printed, we offer a range of binding options to enhance the final output. For document printing we have many great options for binding:

  • Spiral Bound
    • Spiral bound printing is perfect for corporate presentations, Training manuals, reports or other reference guides. Very often used with Clear or Frosted acetate covers at the front and a card at the end of the document to protect your document and to get a quality finish. You can get metal wire, plastic coil or plastic comb as spiral binding. Metal wire binding is the most popular of all three.
  • Staple Bound
    • Often called Saddle stitching or stapled booklet where your document is printed scored in the middle, folded and stapled on the spine to bind as a booklet. Stapled binding ensures pages are held together with two staples down the spine. This can be flat staples very commonly used or Loop staples in which you can keep the booklet in a ring binder / lever arch folder with other documents. Popularly used for marketing brochures, magazines, informative booklets, etc.
  • Perfect Bound/Soft cover Binding
    • A Perfect Bound book also known as soft cover bound book has a printed card cover which warps around the pages inside and binds with glue on the spine. Perfect for corporate presentations, AGM reports, promotional books, catalogues and magazines, you can use plain matte or gloss card printed cover or your perfect bound documents can be finished in gloss, matte or soft touch laminated on the outer cover or foiled and or embossed on the cover to give it a luxurious professional result.  Perfect bound printing is suitable for projects from 60 up to 500 pages printed both side of the paper in general but can be done for much thicker books if necessary for higher volume printing.
  • Paper Overboard/Hard cover Binding/Thesis Binding
    • Hard cover or Paper over board binding has a much thicker cover then perfect bound books which gives the inside a much better protection and lasts longer. You can add separate Paper jacket to go over the book, or foil and or emboss debossed logo text to make it look beautiful. University Thesis are normally bound with hard cover and with gold or silver lettering can be embossed as well. Also, suitable for very high end project or product catalogues.

We can do standard and custom sizes for all the options above, subject to quantity, material and final details of your printing and binding requirements.

Fast, reliable service

Our reliable, state of the art technology enables us to deliver outstanding printing and binding, finishing with spiral, staple and perfect bound with extremely fast turnaround times.  We offer a same day, overnight and weekend printing service throughout all 365 days of the year and operate 24/7 to ensure we meet the needs of our clients. Just leave it with us and we’ll get your prints ready for collection or via secured delivery to anywhere that suits you.

For more information on our printing and binding solutions or to discuss further printing options please get it touch. Call us on 0207 043 9347 or email